There are several security measures at the airport, both seen and unseen, that are put into place to ensure a safe and secure experience for passengers. All carry-on and checked bags are scanned for explosives, as well as illicit or dangerous items. Travelers will also be required to walk through detectors which use advanced imaging technology to scan for metal and non-metal threats. Occasionally, citizens may also be selected to do a pat-down screening.

Any seasoned air traveler will most likely still find themselves consulting the long list of rules and regulations related to carry-on and checked bags. The smart option for any traveler, amateur and professional alike, is to plan beforehand. You don’t want to start your trip by spending extra time going through security. Here is an overview of what you can and cannot take with you on an airplane.

What You Should Leave At Home (Or Check)

Liquids Over 100ml – The big item to avoid in your carry-on are any liquids over 3.4 ounces (100ml). Make this easier on yourself by buying travel-size containers to fill with your favorite shampoo, conditioner, and body wash from home. NOTE: Peanut butter, mascara, aerosols are all liquids, too!

Sharp Objects – Avoid sharp objects of any kind, including boxcutters, knives, and other metal tools. These should be placed securely in checked baggage if you absolutely need to bring them with you.

Flammable Items – No lighters, matches, or other flammable objects are allowed on any commercial airplane. Keep in mind that many items related to camping may be considered flammable!

Agricultural Products – Many countries are strict about what you can and cannot bring into their borders. This includes many fresh and local agricultural products, such as fruits, vegetables, honey, and various plants. Check the guidelines before you plan to bring these items home with you in your carry-on or checked bags.

What Can You Take With?

You may be surprised by the number of items you can bring with you, even in your carry-on bag. To be positive that you are allowed to bring any given item on board your flight, consult this comprehensive security screening page.

For the most part, regulations only cover the kinds of items that could cause damage or harm to other people on a flight. As long as you avoid bringing items that could potentially be used as weapons or cause alarm to airport security, you should be ready to go with your carry-on and checked bags for your next big trip!