At one time, cybersecurity was a very simple issue for businesses. They needed antivirus software and didn’t need to worry about all the different schemes that go on now. Since the advent of broadband, the rise of the cybercriminal has played an increasingly more influential role in how businesses set up layers of protection against breaches.

Evolution in the Cloud

One of the greatest moves toward better online efficiency has been the steady migration to the cloud. When a company moves to the cloud, it relies more on the cybersecurity of third-party data centers, which use state-of-the-art technology. Top tier data centers use virtualization as a layer to fight cybercriminals. A virtualized server involves stacking multiple operating systems on one physical computer. It allows a company to segment its computing into sections, making it difficult for hackers to gain access to the entire system.

Big Systems Still Get Hacked

The turning point when businesses began to pay closer attention to making cybersecurity more complex was the Sony breach in 2014. The fact that a company that big could still suffer a large-scale attack was a major wake up call for the business community that a breach could happen to anyone. Since then, there have been other massive hacks of both government and corporate organizations.

IT services now put a high priority on cybersecurity, as the technology must keep evolving to stay a step ahead of hackers. The key to running a safe operation is for your IT team to conduct an infrastructure audit to detect any hardware or software vulnerabilities. You should keep your software updated and take other proactive steps that protect your data from cybercriminals looking to steal data. Your IT team should also run 24/7 monitoring and with AI software that detects and blocks suspicious visitors. Other forms of protection include firewalls, encryption, and complex passwords.

The Future of Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has evolved to a level of sophistication that makes it extremely difficult for even advanced hackers to penetrate the multi-layered systems of today’s data protection. A recent Forbes article predicted that cybersecurity costs will reach $6 trillion by 2021. Computer viruses have been a part of corporate life since the mid-seventies. Due to the growth of the applications market, increased emphasis will continue to be put on application security, as developers have become top targets.